Happy 6 months!

Today my little girl turned 6 months. It’s crazy how much you realize time flies by when you have a kid. I feel like I don’t have enough time to even pick my nose but before Autumn, I can remember being literally bored out of my mind. I wish we could keep babies frozen at a certain age. As we watch them grow, capturing every moment is important because it’s something you can’t get back or experience again.


We decided to go up to our family lake house and enjoy the beautiful day with friends and family, so heres how today turned out!


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Autumnvin2If you’re here right now, you probably know who I am. As I’m new to the whole blogging world, I am not new to graphics design & photography. The past year I’ve been getting back into my old routes more. By that, I mean feeling more like the ‘real me’ and being able to do what I love without feeling overwhelmed or imcompetant by other people. I have a true love for design and photography, although I haven’t revealed it as much, this is where I will start! Please check out any other pages and links :-)

Autumn (6 months) (C) Cassie Walker Photography